Adobe Character Animator

Wow this works and works pretty well. I used this to create an Omar that talks and moves easily and will us it in my project, as long as I can get some things in line like the project itself. Anyway it seems like this is going to be the glue that holds things together. I was able to look at this tutorial and utilize the skills I learned this semester to create  the image. You can see a clip of it by going to the animation part of this site. Here is the tutorial. 




This animation game is not easy. My professor was nice enough o show me how to create a motion tween and make my characters eye blink. I thought I was paying full attention, yet I don’t have it. I purchased creative cloud so that I can work on it at home but I am stumped. The Ideas I have for my character are out of this world, but at this point I can’t get them out of my head and into fruition.

Please believe I am not going to give up. I will go in so that I can become a champion at this and produce a super product, in “Omar the Turtle.” As of now I will begin to work on the story board and prepare the backdrop for the animation. NO one said it will be easy. This is just the beginning. A rough beginning, but a beginning all the same.

Omar the Turtle (Story)


My name is Omar and I’m a turtle. You would think that I would be on a beach, or by a pond, or a lake, or a river. I am not an ordinary turtle. I was born to help people. I can talk, laugh, jump, and do many things that humans can do. My life almost seems magical to me. One day, I opened my eyes and I was in a park. Children were playing and grown-ups were sitting on the benches talking. A young boy named Ben was tapping on my shell with a stick. He kept saying, “move turtle” ”walk turtle”. I yawned and said, “excuse me im enjoying the sun”. Ben’s eyes grew wide as he dropped the stick.”you talked”, he said in disbelief. I smiled and said, “of course I did”. “Tu-Tu-Tu-Turtles don’t talk”, he stuttered. “I talk and I also like the sunrays so go play with the other children”, I replied. “What is your name Mister Turtle?”, he asked. “My name is Omar”, I said. With that having been said, the young boy Ben lifted me up and carried me to the entrance of the park were the children were now gathering.

I have been Ben’s pet for the last four months. I’ll tell you some of the things that happened in our lives.